Intensive Courses

Intensive Courses


Our intensive courses are a quick way of learning the skills you need to become a safe driver.  An intensive course is set out over 2 to 10 days depending on the amount of hours in your course and you could be driving in less than a week!

Our course outlines are based on an ‘average’ pupil.

Other factors may have to be taken into account, these are:

  • Age – generally the older you are the more lessons you will need
  • If you have previous experience – if so how long ago?
  • Is your previous experience with a professional instructor?
  • Are you familiar with the area in which you will be tested?
  • Please bear these things in mind when choosing your course

If you are unsure about the course most suitable for you, an assessment lesson can be arranged for you to help you decide and you can use this table as a guide:


If you are unsure, just call us on 0800 026 9165 or 01626 862161 and we can talk it through with you, or click below to book now…


NB: Courses are designed to suit your experience not your budget! All of our courses are subject to test availability.

If you would be better suited to something slightly less intensive, but still over a short time scale,why not try our semi intensive course spread out over 6 – 8 weeks!

Just give us a call for more information.

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