Learn 2 Live

Learn 2 Live came into being in October 2007.

It is a Road Safety presentation. Since the first event took place on 12th March 2008 at the International Riviera Centre in Torquay, over 20,000 students and service personnel have seen it across Devon and Cornwall.

The Presentation:

The presentation is based on a short video, depicting the scene of a group of friends going out for a night, having a collision, the emergency services arrive, one of the friends is taken to hospital, where they pass away, and finally the family are informed.

As the different emergency services arrive, the video is paused and a member of that emergency service comes out on stage to tell of a collision they have attended. The stories they tell are real and told from their own personal point of view.

Learn 2 Live is a partnership of Local authorities and Emergency services.

learn -2-live

`The Honest Truth`

At Peppers our instructors have signed up to `The Honest Truth` campaign where we are committed to getting road safety messages across to young people and their parents including a reminder about the learn 2 live campaign that many young people have attended.

Ask your instructor for a leaflet or visit the Learn 2 Live website.

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