Terms and Conditions

Introductory Offer Terms and Conditions

The first  ‘3 hours for £10 per hour’ is our introductory offer aimed at beginners who have never driven before. (These lessons are also included in the beginner block of 10 hours in our shop). Commonly taken as 2 x 1.5 hours.

This is the same as the offer previously advertised as ‘first 6 lessons for £5.00 each’ which were 30 minute lessons and needed to be taken in a minimum of 1 hour blocks, equaling 3 hours for £30.00. 

With both these offers you are buying pre set lessons aimed at new drivers, covering the basics of car control, moving off and stopping and basic junctions, and would not be good value for money if your learning has surpassed this stage.

This offer can only be taken up once per person.

This offer is only available for `L` test tuition in manual cars and not available in automatic vehicles.

Not available for `Learn at 16`

Intensive Course Terms and Conditions

By booking and paying for an intensive course with Peppers you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions –

All course fees must be paid in full, 28 days before the start of the course.

All tests are subject to the pupil reaching a satisfactory standard before being presented for a test.

The instructor’s decision is final.

Lessons not taken or shortened by the pupil will not be refunded.

No refunds will be made once the course has started or within the four week period prior to the course starting.

Deposits are non refundable

It is our recommendation that course hours should be no more than six hours per day. On the longer courses more hours will be booked at the pupil’s request, against our advice.

On the ‘guaranteed pass course’ a candidate must make themselves available for lessons at the instructors discretion, cancelled lessons will cause the guarantee to be nullified.

On the ‘guaranteed pass course’ Peppers reserve the right to substitute manual cars for an automatic car.

Any lessons cancelled or not taken without forty eight hours notice must be paid, in addition to the course fee, prior to the continuation of the course.

Course prices correct at time of going to press. Courses not completed within 3 months of deposit may be subject to price increase.

Courses not completed within 12 months will be cancelled. Any payments made will be forfeited.

Peppers reserve the right to change instructors or vehicles on any course without prior notice.

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